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Species: Dog
Breed Name: Lab Mix
Gender: M
Age: 6 years and 5 months
Spay/Neuter: Y
Special Needs: N
Color: Brown (Dark)
Status: Needs A Home

About Phil

Fantastic Phil is a volunteer favorite! Phil is a big sweetheart who also happens to be very handsome! His love of people and other dogs makes him a volunteer favorite. Phil's only issue is that he needs a high privacy fence as he can jump over a 5 foot chain link fence. Phil would be a great choice for a runner, he is so beautiful when he runs and his eager to please attitude would make him easy to train, in fact he has completed basic training where he learned to sit for a treat. Poor Phil has been living in this shelter for 2 years!!! Please please don't pass this sweet boy by! He truly is a tremendous bundle of fun. You can trust Phil with any other dog. He can get along and bring the joy out of even our most shy dogs here. He also has helped us socialize dogs who are very picky about their dog friends. He has a very goofy, happy-go lucky attitude that will make you fall in love!!! Phil is a beautiful dog who is mostly lab with maybe some shepherd. He has never met a person or another dog he could not get along with, so if you want a friend for your kids and/or your other dog, Phil is a great choice. Bonus: Phil is also a Razorbacks fan who would love to hang out on the sofa with you and call the hogs! Come meet Phil today!!!

Phil is sponsered by his special friend- Miranda McDiarmid. His other Special Friends sponsors are Jeff, Debra, and T.C. Jones. Phil is also sponsored by Marianne Hays. Thank you for sponsoring Phil!

Photos of Phil

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