Cisco Kid

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Species: Dog
Breed Name: Pit Bull Terrier Mix
Gender: M
Age: 14 years and 10 months
Spay/Neuter: Y
Special Needs: N
Color: Black and White
Status: Needs A Home

About Cisco Kid

Cisco is a fan of many of the staff and volunteers at the shelter, because he is always smiling. He's a charmer, and has many times conned staff or volunteers out of an extra treat or food. You can see he doesn't miss a meal, but when he sits by the cage door, smiles and looks at you with those adoring eyes, who could ever say no? He has such a unique look and expressive face that when you walk by his cage he looks up and it is heartwarming. Cisco is an older dog that is not fond of other dogs or cats so would adapt best as the only pet. He wants to spend his retirement being spoiled - who can blame him?

Cisco is a pit bull mix and is banned in many of our local communities. A prospective home will need to be in an area where pit mixes are allowed, and the new owner will work with our Director to meet all local requirements. Cisco is sponsored by his special friend Pam Wicker. Thanks Pam!! He is also sponsored by his special friend Christine Henderson. Thanks Christine!!

Photos of Cisco Kid

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