Lost And Found

IF YOU HAVE A LOST OR FOUND DOG OR CAT email info@warmhearts.org with a description and way to contact, and we will post it for you. Please let us know when it has been reunited with it’s family.

NOTE: If you are listing a “found” dog, please ask any responders to identify the dog…gender, collar, any identifying characteristics (crooked tail, one blue eye, etc). Ask the pet’s name and see if it responds. There are people out there who will claim a found dog…for reasons that are not good!

You can try www.facebook.com/ALFPetNetwork to post or look for your missing pet

Also, check our facebook page: www.facebook.com/HumaneSocietyPulaskiCounty


December 19, 2013  

We are hoping for a Christmas miracle………


Our 2 ½ year old Grey Tabby named GW aka Georgie has been missing since Tuesday, December 17, 2013 in the Westwood Subdivision in Little Rock.  He is a neutered male, with a smudged marking on his nose, green eyes, white chest and is extremely good natured and very vocal.  His sister is missing him terribly.


If found, please call Mike at (501) 658-4065.



December 8th 2013 My Himalayan Male Cat is Lost who is White and
Dark Grey ( 13 year old Male with Red Collar)...

The Cat's name is Sam who lives at 30 Forest Circle
Little Rock, ARKansas 72211 in
Aspen Highlands and Woodland Hills (Off bowman road)//

Please contact me through telephone 501-442-9282
(501-786-6376) if you know anything about my Cat!

Sandy Cone
30 Forest Circle
Little Rock, Arkansas 72211


December 6, 2013

Lost adult female cat in the west little rock area.  She is micro chipped and is 1 year and 9 months.  She is black/orange domestic short hair.  Her name is Nova.  Any known information on whereabouts would be greatly appreciated.
Nicole Robinson 605 760 3535


December3, 2013 Hello, my name is Arielle. I'm emailing you to let you know that I'm missing a cat. He was last seen five days ago on the Air Force Base in Jacksonville, AR. He's solid black, he's wearing a black collar with white stars, and he has a tag with his name and our address on it. He's been neutered, and he's very very friendly. The full name on his tag is The Tarion Besbald, but he answers to just Tarion.
If he's found, you can call me at 501-952-5720 or my husband Preston at 501-400-3243.


December 3, 2013

Lost dog. Hillcrest section of Little Rock. Medium sized black and white Jack Russell mix. Answers to the name of Bill. Lost on Tuesday morning December 3  in the area of Lee and Cedar. 
Please contact me at 501-519-3691 if you see him.
Nancy Ferrara
Senior Art Director


November 26, 2013


Annie was last seen Thurs/Fri, Nov 21/22

She is a frail indoor 14 year old cat tortoise shell (black with orange) and we don’t know how or when she got out.  She is not wearing a collar.

501-666-9384 Nancy

November 26, 2013

We lost our female Jack Russell Terrier on Fri 11/22 around 10:30 PM.  We had just gotten her on Friday,  She got out of her leash and ran down Kling Rd in Mabelvale.  She was last seen on Chicot road in Mabelvale on 11/23 am.  She is 5 years old, white with brown ears and brown around her eyes.  She is microchipped and was wearing a pinkish red collar.  She is very skittish and will run when approached.  We trailed her for a few miles and could never get her to stop.  She does have a C section scar.  Please contact me, Shawna, at 501-912-6962.  Thanks so much.  Her name is Penny.


November 21, 2013

9:09 PM (18 hours ago)

to info
> We have 2 dogs lost since the morning of 11/19/14 from the Crystal Valley/Lawson Rd area. When they have escaped the backyard in the past they always went to the Plantation Acres area and have been found within hours. They are probably together.  Both had on chain collars.  Both are very friendly with people and kids. Misty doesn't like female dogs.  Caesar is skittish and was abused before adoption.  Both are adored.  See pictures below.  PLEASE CALL 350-9830

> MISTY - female, spayed.  Lab mix, med-large, black color except for chest and beard, sleek fur.

> CAESAR - male, terrier mix (??), rescue dog, mixed black and brown fur.  Face half black and half brindle.
November 20, 2013
Please help me find Bella. She went missing on 11/19/2013 around the Reservoir road area. She has medium length tan hair. She is a petite sized dog and maybe weighs 10 lbs. She gets very happy and wags her tail if you bend down to pet her. She doesn't bite. She's very friendly and loves people. Please help me find her! I can be reached at 501-366-0416 or 501-352-3259.


November 17, 2013  Found young male grey striped cat near napa valley and st. Charles blvd. Still looking for our female grey cat lost in the same area.   Joe arnold 501-960-3307

November 17, 2013

We lost our two dogs, Sissy and Lucy November 16th in Sherwood, Arkansas.  Sissy is a reddish brown Belgium Shepard mix approximately 45 pounds, with a black muzzle.   Lucy is a Rottweiler mix approximately 55 pounds, with brown eyebrows, lower muzzle, chest, and feet.  She also has a long surgery scar along her stomach.  They are both chipped, although Lucy’s chip has the name Desi (her name was changed after the chip was put in).  They are both about 3 years old.  My name is Brandy Sutphin.  Please contact me in any of the following ways: Home – 501-833-0579, Cell: 501-772-3284, brandyjs@hotmail.com , brandy.sutphin@arkansas.gov

November 5 2013 

We are missing our beloved cat, Tigger.  He has been missing since 11/5/2013.  He is an indoor cat and got out somehow.  We’ve looked for him and I’ve posted on the Lost & Found Pet Network.  Can you post something on your website?.  My name is Sherri Maxey – 501-580-0902.  He was lost in Hillcrest around the area of Kavanaugh and Hillcrest.


November 9 2013
White/brown hound mix. 1 blue eye/1 brown eye. Lost in Hillcrest area of Little Rock on Nov 5 near Pulaski Heights Elem/Middle School. Please call 972-814-0621. Microchipped and did have collar on with tags. She is skittish around strangers so any reports are greatly appreciated!


November 9, 2013

St. Charles in Little Rock.  Grey female cat. Lost since 11/08/2013. Please call 960-3307 or email  arnoldaudio@comcast.net. Thanks joe Arnold


November 4, 2013

We found a white spotted dog in downtown LR near Bruno’s restaurant on 11/2/13.

Please contact Jane at 501-831-3485 if you want to identify and claim it.


November4 2013 

Hello.  I have lost a female Ragdoll cat.  She is cream color, fluffy, with brownish markings.  Her name is Girl.  She is about 8 years old.  She has always been an inside cat and is declawed.  She got out through an open window where she had knocked out the screen.


I live in West Little Rock in Marlow Manor, next to Pulaski Academy.  She went missing Friday. If anyone has any information, please contact me:


Emily Durham 501-425-8252



October 27, 2013  Sunday 10/27 around 4:00pm 2 yellow labs left our property.

4 y/o Female "Boom" and 9 month male "Duke".  Boom is wearing a red collar with rabies tags.  Duke slipped out of his collar and isn't wearing one.  Both are spayed/neutered.

Contact Karen Carter at 501-940-1415.


 October 24, 2013 Our male blue healer, Jack, 3 years old is missing, live in southwest little rock university and 65th.  He does have on a collar with his rabies tag. Any info please call 351-1575


October 23, 2013  I lost a small Dodson who's mostly black some tan and a white v on her chest.  She was lost in Bryant on 10/20/2013. My contact info is 501-672-1842


October 23, 2013 

My precious 16 ½ year old Yorkshire Terrier, Duchess went missing on Monday October 21st.  We live in the Bayonne subdivision of West Little Rock.  She can’t see or hear very well and is very fragile.  She is wearing a black and white collar with tags on it.  We think maybe she left to go die alone, but we would love to have her back to spend her last days with us. She may be under a deck or in bushes and feel that she couldn’t have traveled very far.  If anyone finds her, I can be contacted at this email or 501-707-4122.



October 21st, 2013 

Lost big white cat near VanBuren & Woodlawn in Hillcrest.  Very shy.  Has only one eye, blue.  Apricot shading on ears and face.  Lost Thursday, Oct 17.   Please call 501-664-7473.

Lynn Rodgers

October 20th, 2013  Summer, 3 years old, Grey and white spayed female. Wearing collar but no tag. Microchipped. Last seen Friday in Park hill neighborhood, north little rock. Dianne 501-442-1938.


October 19th, 2013 Lost our male cat Fred Tuesday , Oct. 15 th- last seen on Edenfield Cove. He is a huge cat- tabby- gray with black markings. Green eyes-  please call if you have him or have seen him. He is neutered.


October 12, 2013

Lost white/tan Chihuahua on Bryan Street in Little Rock.  Female, named Angel.  Spayed.  COntact Ryan Pilcher 318 614 8475.  mkb2505@yahoo.com


October 10, 2013

Rollover accident near mile marker 40 on I-55 in Eastern Arkansas (this is in the vici nity of Osceola, Arkansas), on 9/27/13. Passengers were hospitalized. One dog was killed in the accident and Doogie was last seen running south near mile marker 39. REWARD OFFERED ... They are desperate to find their boy!

CONTACT INFO: 956-622-8367 or 618-806-9300 or 618 243-1127 Email: judyvj@earthlink.net

October 9th 2013


My Australian shepherd mix is missing. She jumped my fence sometime Monday.
Please catch her and call 501-952-7330 if you find her; I'll pick her up immediately. She's white with tan patches; about 40 lbs; had a pink collar.

October 9th, 2013

Our beloved "Purr" went missing early Wednesday morning, October 2nd. 
Purr is a brown tabby with accents of black / tan all over, (no white paws) - see also has a small black spec in her right eye.   She has no collar, as it was found off of our driveway, at the front of our house at 2115 Wellington Plantation Dr.  The fact that she never went near the street now makes us concerned for her safety / well-being.  Praying she was not snatched. 
She is over 11 years in age, and an ole-soul who sleeps a lot and only went outside twice a day, rather than using a litter box. 
If you think you've seen her, please contact 501-749-5270 or email ceshelton01@aol.com.


October 4, 2013  Lost Cat in WLR, Hillsborough subdivision on Hinson Road.  "Kitty Karl," small grey tabby with black markings.  Tail has black rings like a raccoon and a black tip at the end.  Missing since Monday 9/23.  Please call Kathy at 920-382-8162.


October 2, 2013 

King, a 4-5 year old Husky, slipped his collar last night and took off.  He lives at 6100 Ridgecrest Drive, next door to Catholic High School, and he was last seen at the Exxon at Markham and Van Buren, around 10pm on Tuesday October 1, 2013.
He is not wearing his tags, because he got out of his collar. He is not microchipped.
He is very sweet-natured.  He just loves to run.
My name is Jennifer Rogers, and my cell phone is 501-425-5767.

I have posted to the Lost Pets network.


September 28, 2013

Gray long hair cat with green eyes and snubbed nose has appeared in hillcrest on Fairview road - off south lookout.  Meows very loud.  Picture is attached. Email me or text 501-454-7118. eabehrle@yahoo.com


September 24, 2013

MACY was last seen in Ferndale area on Ridgefield Lane. She is a one year old black lab. She was wearing a red collar. She is very friendly and chubby! Please contact Rose at 501-231-3977.  We want her home!! Thank you!

September 22, 2013 

Large 3 year-old neutered male, cross-eyed, Micro-chipped, Flame Point Siamese Cat. He is cream colored with light orange tips on his ears and tail and a faint orange spot on his back. Missing since Sunday, 09/08/13 at around 8am from Cherry Creek in West Little Rock. Very friendly. Should have on red, leather collar with ID tag, microchip tag, and rabies vac tag. His veterinarian is Dr. Bob Hale at Briarwood Animal Hospital off of Kanis Rd. Any information would be so very much appreciated. I will pay what I can as some sort of AWARD... Just want him home again


My homes address, where he specifically went missing from is 26 Springridge Dr, Little Rock, AR 72211


You may text, call, or email me at any time: cell phone (501)626-9345; preferred email: taylor.hale@bhslr.edu


Septemer 17, 2013

KAYO1025@aol.com via mx.aol.com 
7:02 AM (9 hours ago)

Long-haired yellow/orange cat missing
He's been missing since August 31. We've looked around, and asked every neighbor, and nobody knows what happened to him. Had a few folks drive and stop by the house a couple of times asking about the cats. I think he's been nabbed, but perhaps he fell into other circumstances. He's very vocal and friendly. He's almost a golden color, so some say he's yellow while others say he's orange. No stripes. Medium build. Neutered. Maybe 4-5 years old-he was a rescue. His name is Meow Meow.


September 9th, 2013 

PLEASE HELP US FIND KATE! She is 15 months old and has a black spot/freckle on her tongue. She's wearing a collar with tags and has a microchip. Last seen at Villages of Wellington tennis courts in West Little Rock. 

Call 501-772-2200 (Joyce)  


September 7, 2013

I live in the Otter Creek section of Little Rock.  My address is 7 Lemoncrest Place.  Jordan was at home yesterday when a burglary occurred. I last saw him at 7:45am yesterday morning when I went to work.

Jordan has been missing since Sept 5th. He is a long hair terrier silver with brown paws and nose. He is a friendly dog but he is very timid. He was last wearing a black spiked collar and he has a NY Giants dog tag along with his City of Little Rock dog license.

My contact number is 917-386-5343.


September 6, 2013

LOST Shepherd/Boxer mix around Yorkwood/ Chicot/ Mabelvale Cut-off area 09/05/2013. Male-fixed. Approximately 1 year old. Tan/black speckled coloring. Black tail/ white underbelly.White marks down forehead and half of nose. Red/Black KONG collar. If found please contact Stacey @ 501-420-6101 or email with picture to sstanchak0504@gmail.com

Thank You!

September3, 2013

I found a young, beagle/dachshund mix at the Valero on Mabelvale West on Saturday August 31. Very playful and appears to be very healthy and well fed. Gets along with other dogs and kids. I am sure that there is a family who is missing this lovely dog. Please call 501-681-5353 with identifying features, gender, description of behavior, etc. Thank you.

Kari Puffett

September 3, 2013

Male German Shepherd
Black/Tan, 4 Years Old
Wearing purple collar with nametag/phone#.  He is also microchipped.
Has a floppy left ear, and he is very friendly and loving.
Ace wandered away from our home and into the woods on the evening of Saturday, 8/31, in the Panther Mountain subdivision in North Little Rock (in between Maumelle & Mayflower area).


August 30th 2013


Found at Napa Valley Appt Complex.

White with brown spots, female, no collar, not sure of the breed. Around 35-40 pounds


August 29th 2013

Lost female brittany spaniel
orange/white roam
medium size - no collar
spade - 10 yrs old
lost 08/29/13
please call 501-626-2065



August 21st, 2013

I live in the Austin Lakes subdivision in Sherwood and my cat escaped yesterday. He is gray with a white belly, still has claws, and is neutered. My name is Diane McCaughan, my phone number is 302-743-2671.


August 19, 2013

Lost in Bauxite, Timberlake area:  offering Reward
Black Dachshund - Male 14.5 lbs
2 years old
Red Collar with ID tag and Rabies tag
Not fixed
Terrell Woodall
email: bob_terrell@hotmail.com


August 14, 2013  

We live in Jacksonville, Jack is a Dark Gray Shih Tzi, he has some white marking on his chest.  He’s about 10 years old.

He is a rescue dog who was badly treated, we adopted him from the Pulaski County Human Society.

He is afraid of new people, will shy away even if you have food.  He is absolutely afraid of thunderstorms, and he is

Allergic to grass.  The only dog food Jack can tolerate is science dog food, all others make him throw u


Jack is tattooed and micro chipped, his coat is shaggy, needing a cut. 


We posted signs that Jack is missing and they were taken down, hopefully if someone has him they will read our info

And return Jack.


Vickie Arellanes

501 256 7101


August 13, 2013

Dog Information










8 yrs



Markings/ Distinguishing Characteristics


Blue collar w/ tag w/ name, number, and address

Contact Information






8032 Autumnwood rd





Last Seen


Autumnwood rd


April 11th 2013


I came home from work one day and my family told me my little dog has not been home. My dad let him outside one day and he never came home. This dog means the whole world to me, he is my security pet, and I miss him very much. Please if you have any information about his whereabouts please contact me. A reward is offered.


August 13, 2013 Our Doberman has been missing since Aug. 1. Last seen around 9am in the Batesville Pike area in Sherwood, AR.
Please contact Ric at 501-681-8209 if found.


August 9, 2013

Last night between 7pm - 10:30pm my dogs Pepsi and Gypsy broke out of my fenced back yard. I have adopted Pepsi from you guys a few years ago - he is a white with black spots Pit Bull / Terrier mix. He is neutered, has a tattoo from you guys, and has a micro chip.

I live on Leander Drive right by Boyle Park. They are most likely around the forest or nearby neighborhoods near Boyle Park. Unfortunately, neither of them are wearing a collar. Every time I buy a collar, they end up biting it off of each other.

My other dog, Gypsy is a Great Dane. She is all black with a white underbelly and lower white paws.

If anyone has seen them or has any information, my phone number is 501-613-5672.


August 8 2013 
My name is Lyndsey Rauls and I have a dog named Bane who has been missing since around 9am this morning. He does not have a collar on (I took it off the other day before I gave him a bath). He is a Chihuahua mix, he is blonde with light brown patches on his back and a darker tail. His legs are long and he is a skinny pup.  Please if someone drops him off e-mail or call me back, I will have my phone on loud and right beside me.

Thank you,

Lyndsey Rauls




July 30, 2013

Found: rat terrier puppy July 29, Levy neighborhood, North Little Rock. Please reply to this posting with identifying features (gender, markings, dog's name, etc.)


July 30, 2013

Found puppy yesterday evening (7/29) while storming. He is a small, red, long haired puppy (?) that looks like he may be mixed with pomeranian. He is very playful and acts very young. He was found on "A" Street (behind Container Store/Pei Wei shopping center) running loose during the rain storm. He is wearing a collar but no tags. He has a black mask and some black in his tail and resembles a fox. If this is your dog, please call me at 501-690-1717 or 501-680-9823 or send me an email. Please describe the collar when calling to claim this dog. Thank you!


July 27, 2013

Female Yorkie Lost in the Capital View Area!! If someone finds her please contact me!
She is black/brown and silver, about 6lbs. Her name is Maci



July 27, 2013

Young female Shepherd mix, medium sized with collar but no tags, was seen running at Chenal golf course with a black dog this morning. Couldn't catch black dog but the female dog is very sweet and is looking for her owner. Call Wendy at 410-908-6779 if she's yours and to describe her and claim her.


July 24, 2013

Hello I lost a little female tan Chihuahua in the levy area of North little rock. She is Very old Please call me if you find her,
 Ron Silvey



Thank You!

July 23, 2013

Lost 4 yr old black and white female cat/green eyes – all the hair on her back is gone  – she is lost in the Park hill area –

Does not have a collar

Name - FIA

She is very shy and fearful –

She is declawed

We were on our way to the vet when cat carrier broke and she ran toward JKF – she was last seen on G Street

Please email me at russes4@sbcglobal.net or call me at 351-7995 or my home 501- 835-4329.

There is a $100 reward for finding her. Thanks


July 23, 2013

Found a cream and white shy female Lhasa (mabe a mix) in the Woodland Hills/Aspen Heights of West Little Rock.  Have gone door to door and a few neighboors say they have seen her loose for over a week.  She had been groomed recently so I know her family is very sad.
Please call Donna at 501-519-3678 and I will message or email you her picture

July 21, 2013 Lost in Eastern Arkansas at rest stop - which means she could have been picked up and dropped at a shelter or vet in surrounding areas, or simply escaped from another vehicle en route - meaning please don't limit sharing to those you know only in Eastern Arkansas. 
Please forward - and cross your paws Sassy will be found and returned to her owner, safe and sound.  Sassy is a white cat with big black spots. Contact Christy at rumbachristy@gmail.com or by phone at 615-430-1121 if you have any information. 



July 20, 2013

Lost older male pyrness lab white mix shaved from Stifft Station area
Lost around July 15 from Markham Stifft Station area, sweet slow older make white with some dark markings, shaved comes to Babe. 501-519-9551


July 16, 2013 

Lost cat
His name is Mr. Buttersworth.  He is orange and striped.  He only has half a tail.  He went missing on Sunday the 14th.  We live in the Quapaw Area at 19th and Spring Streets.  I can be reached at 972 800 9200 or at jenforsyth@yahoo.com


July 11, 2013 Found us July 7, 2013 - black and white female young dog- knows how to sit etc., we cannot keep her- found around Vimy Ridge and Germania- contact Don or Shannon 847-6981 leave message

July 11, 2013

I lost a cat named Earth. He's male and he's greyish-black. You can contact me by email at smjames@ualr.edu or by phone at 501-786-2983 .

July 11, 2013 I lost a cat named Moon. He's whitish-brown with light stripes. His nose is somewhere between red and orange. He has whiskers, or at least he did when I last saw him. You can contact me by email at smjames@ualr.edu or by phone at 501-786-2983 .


July 11, 2013  

Springer Spaniel: black and white

Found in Ferndale area 7/9/13  midday.

Collar but no tags, no microchip

Not neutered

Very well mannered




Marsha Lewis




July 11, 2013 

Our Lynx Point Siamese cat Kato went missing from our apartment on Tuesday, July 9, 2013. We live at the Cedars at Wellington Lake in West Little Rock. He's an 8-year-old neutered, declawed (front paws) indoor-only kitty. He has blue eyes and Seal Point markings mixed with stripes. He does not have a collar. I have attached our flyer with two photos of Kato. If found, please call Susie Sward at 501-554-4661 or Cliff Sward at 501-303-0545.


July 6th, 2013

Hi, My miniature dachshund went missing on the Fourth of July. She is red/tan all over with brown eyes. She is fixed and is 5 years old. She was last seen at highland pointe apartments in west little rock off Cantrell on July 5th. My number is 479-595-1408. I will give a reward to just get her back;(
Thanks, Morgan

July 1, 2013 

to info
We found a tan lab/German shepherd mix puppy near the Chalamot pool area located in Chenal Valley on Saturday, June 28th.
She is a female which weights just over 22 pounds and has black markings on her tail.
We would love to be able to return it to its rightful owners.

Please contact Cindy Brooks at (501) 650-1139


July 1, 2013 We lost our pet pug puppy yesterday. He a pure breed pug. Approx 5 months old. In vinicity of Macarthur Dr in North Little Rock. He answer to the name poncho. This was our 3 ur old daughters puppy. If found or any information please email at navet 55@gmail.com or call 719 287 9957. Thank you


July 1, 2013 
Missing Kitty, Frank, since June 12. From Green Mountain Rs near Kings Ct area in Little Rock. Frank is 5 years old, about 7.5 lbs, long and lean. Black fur with black stripes and white undercoat, seen easily when pet backwards. Orange-green eyes, Declawed front paws, no collar or microchip, neutered. VERY sweet, loves people. Family is missing him very much, just moved to Little Rock :(

Contact info:
Megan McClain, 870-210-0770, email: mcclain.megan5@gmail.com


June 29, 2013

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Arnold. I lost my dog, Buddy last night (6/28) in Little Rock around 11:30 pm on Main and 24th Street. He is a short 6 year old blue heeler/ Australian cattle dog mix. He has big ears and a curly tail. He is brown with lots of black spots. He is microchipped. He has a blue collar with tags.

Thank you so much.

501 472 4504





June 20, 2013

Lost Dog
Friendly female. Medium to Large size. She recently gave birth and has just finished weaning her puppies. She has brindle coloring, a dark face, and brown "eyebrows." When lost, she was wearing a 1.5 to 2 inch gray nylon web collar with a metal buckle. She is very skinny and eats voraciously. She has been missing from the southeast part of Little Rock since Monday, June 17, 2013. If found, please text or call Rosalind at 501-554-7512. Thank you!

June 11 2013

Our darling Daisy, a three-year-old ShihTzu, dashed out the door when guests arrived on Friday afternoon (June 7) and we haven’t seen her since.  She is primarily white, with gray and black markings and a touch of brindle on her face. She was last seen on Ridgeview Drive, a block off Cantrell between Robinwood and Foxcroft. She has a summer trim, a noticeable under bite, and loves cuddles. She isn’t wearing a collar because her sister tends to chew it off of her.   If found, please call us at 690-3861.  Thank you!  

June 12, 2013
My cat Callie got out in the Foxcroft/Cammack Village area in Little Rock on the morning of June 8th. She's a calico cat so she's white, black, and has some orange. Her colors are dull. If you have seen her or have her please contact Hannah Lee at 479-387-7949 or h.jlee1911@gmail.com.



June 9, 2013

We found an adorable puppy on Fox Den Trail in Woodlands Edge (West Little Rock) on Sunday, June 9th.  Tan/white Beagle or Hound mix.  Very friendly with all people and dogs.  Describe collar and markings to claim.  Please contact Terri (501 515 0912) if you lost this puppy. Thanks!


June 9, 2013


I found 2 tan and white female mixed puppies (4-5 months?) downtown by I30/Clinton library. They had collars and flea collars on but no tags or microchips. Super friendly! Please contact Laura (419 270 8338) with the color of the collars if they are yours. Thanks!

June 8, 2013 Lost yellow female lab.
Her name is Maggie, last seen in the heights with a black collar on. 870-403-3414.


June 7, 2013  Last Wednesday my puppy was stolen from his kennel off my porch. He is about 3 and a half months old. He is black and white, very feisty and energetic. Last seen in North Little Rock in the vicinity of the Eastgate Apartments. If anyone has any information please call Victoria at (501)753-0360. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

June 6, 2013


Lost Maine Coon cat in the Green Mountian area.  Big blue eyes. Shaved.  501 425 6347


June 6, 2013 

I would like to report a lost long haired black cat.  He is about 17 years old and was last seen on May 29th in my backyard off of Hinson in WLR.  He answers to the name, Bear.  He didn’t have his color on at the time.  We think he might be hurt.  He is up-to-date on all of his shots.  Please call 501-258-2287.

Thank you!!



June 6, 2013

9:31 AM (1 hour ago)

to info
He is a adult minpin red in color lost yesterday the 5th in north little rock he is friendly and likes naps.


June 5, 2013


to info
Lost dog in Napa Valley area. Brindle boxer mix with a black mask. 2 yrs old. Sweet dog that is wanted home very badly.
May God bless you,

Tracy Human :)


June 4 2013  Dog found on Crystal Valley Road 6/20/2012.  Black male with white markings.  Very sweet.  He would like to go home if we can find it for him.  Please call 501-376-8436 and ask for Tami.





May 7 2013  

Male Boston Terrier lost May 3, 2013 Sardis Road in the East End Community.  Reward


Please call 501-590-4492

Thank You

Tammy Drake











































































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