HSPC is a private organization that is able to help animals because of your donations.

Meet Faith. This great puppy came to the Humane Society after she was found running down the street on fire with a band around her muzzle so she couldn’t cry out for help. She was lucky. Another puppy set on fire in the same area didn’t make it – his burns were too extensive, the pain too immense. The only reason that Faith is alive today is because HSPC was there to provide the emergency medical care that she needed to heal.

Faith is just one of dozens of abused, neglected and injured animals that HSPC helps every year – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Little Rock and Pulaski County. Unless an animal’s injuries are too extensive, or their suffering too great, HSPC works to save the lives of these animals and reunite them, if possible, to worried owners. The animals who cannot be reunited with families are adopted into loving homes.

Imagine how you would feel if your favorite companion became lost and was injured. Due to overcrowding and cost, injured animals picked up by the city and county animal services are nearly always euthanized. Faith survived only because a caring Animal Service worker brought her to us. Sometimes the injuries are terrible and euthanasia is the kindest of all acts. But in many cases, injuries could be easily treated, like a broken leg, a bad cut, a partially amputated tail, etc. With immediate medical attention, these animals could live long, healthy lives and be reunited with their families. HSPC is the best chance your pet has for getting the medical attention and care it might need if injured.

Unfortunately, HSPC’s rescue service is in jeopardy. Emergency medical care is costly, beginning around $150 for the mildest of wounds and increasing with the degree of injury. Faith’s medical bills were about $250 and many are far beyond this despite the generosity of area vets. Many owners never reimburse HSPC for the cost of treating their animals and we simply don’t have the funds to continue to rescue these animals on our own.

Without City or County funding, the animals we rescue depend solely on the contributions of caring, compassionate animal lovers. We desperately need your help to be able to save the hundreds of cold noses that need your warm heart! Make a contribution to our emergency medical fund, tell your friends and coworkers about this need, sponsor a fund-raiser at church or the office, become an HSPC foster home for animals with special needs, and volunteer your time. Then, maybe, someday if your beloved companion needs help, HSPC’s rescue service will be there!

Please help if you can. We appreciate your contribution to HSPC.

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